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You said you like the mall but hate the line?

If there's a physical mall nearby, why can't there be an online mall nearby?

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If delivery can deliver, why can't Returnery  return?

Introducing Returnery persona. Simply request return and get your item returned within 60 minutes!

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1. Browse local

Browse within hundreds of merchants within your proximity.

2. 60- minutes delivery

Simply place an order and request pickup or deliver within 60 minutes.

3. On demand return

Return has never been easier than this. Request return through the app and our dedicated returner will return your item without you leaving your home.


We launch soon. 
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Our Clients

How we help businesses

We help you to gain back the visibility you lost after the the boom of online shopping



Simple onboarding

Our dedicated team will seamlessly and effortlessly onboard your inventory into Zudbuy.

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You get visiblity!

We show your inventory to everyone within a set mile by your choice.



We handle delivery!

We take care of delivery and returnery for you.

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